100 Practical Ways to Improve Customer Experience

100 Practical Ways to Improve Customer Experience

A finalist in the 2019 Business Book Awards, Martin Newman’s 100 Practical Ways to Improve Customer Experience pulls ideas from 35 years of experience, alongside his interactions with the brightest and best in business. Martin comes down hard on the static, so-called ‘traditional’ customer experience and explores the end-to-end process you need to transform into a brand that delivers.

Transform your business by improving customer experience across the entire end-to-end value chain with this practical guide by Martin Newman, including 100 tips and case studies from brands like Amazon, AirBnB and Uber.

The Power of Customer Experience

A new look into customer centricity.

The Power of Customer Experience

Discover the power of customer experience! What if we told you that the power of customer centricity starts with having your employees at the heart of what you do? What if we said that there is a correlation between customer-centricity and a successful business?

In his second book, Martin takes an even closer look at what makes a good, customer centric business, and how you, as an entrepreneur, can achieve the same success in the long-term.

About the author

Martin Newman

Martin is recognised globally as one of the foremost authorities on customer experience, e-commerce, and multichannel operations.

During his 35-year career, he has developed a keen eye for customer needs and behaviours through building and selling his own successful company, Practicology, and heading up multichannel operations for brands including Burberry, Speedo, Ted Baker, Intersport and Harrods.

Having founded and sold the successful e-commerce consultancy brand Practicology, he has since launched The Customer First Group, a new venture which drives customer-centric transformation across consumer-facing brands through investment, presentations, strategy days and advisory services.

Martin has been listed on Retail Week’s top 50 eTail Power List for five consecutive years, as well as being named in British Vogue’s Online Fashion 100. He’s presented at events all over the world including the British Retail Consortium, Retail Week Live and the World Retail Conference.

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