Investments and Advisory Services

Investments and Advisory Services

The world moves fast, and the advent of increasingly sophisticated technology means we are moving at a faster pace of disruption and transformation than ever before.

Here at The Customer First Group, we’re proud to support disruptive initiatives that challenge conventional commerce by putting the customer first.

Here are some of our latest investments and projects:

Down Your High Street

Down Your High Street

We put our money where our mouth is and jumped on the chance to support this initiative to help high street stores expand their online presence. Martin Newman, our founder, has been involved in multichannel retailing for over three decades and has joined this company as an advisor. A total of 550 retailers are currently signed up to Down Your High Street, and their aim now is to have 1,000 sign-ups by the summer.



As the tagline says, ‘from the High Street to your Street’, Tryd is another great example of how to empower consumers with their ‘try before you buy’ proposition, in the process redefining the home delivery proposition. Which is why we’re delighted to play a part in supporting them.


Martin Newman also provides advisory services for the following businesses:

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