Our Sector Expertise

Our Sector Expertise

With over 35 years’ experience across a broad range of sectors, we have a strong understanding of all consumer-facing businesses and can offer an in-depth assessment of what matters to your customers.

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Traditional Retail

Some significant traditional retailers such as Harvey Nichols still have a long way to go when it comes to the convenience proposition it offers to its customers. The standard delivery proposition is within three working days, which is too slow for most people. It’s also ambiguous. For example, if I order on a Friday, does Saturday count as a working day or not?

New Retail

Disruptive brands such as Amazon are offering one-hour delivery in major conurbations like London. We increasingly live in a see-now, buy-now world, where consumers seek instant gratification. Consumers expect speed, efficiency and quality on demand.


Food and Beverages

Traditional Food and Drink Services

It’s Friday night and no one feels like cooking. So what are you going to eat? Out of necessity, you look online for a local pizza place, then wait over an hour for it to arrive. And let’s just hope they got your order right, because you’re more likely to eat whatever is lurking at the bottom of your freezer than face another hour-long delay.

New Food and Drink Services

Disruption in ordering, delivery and reviews has transformed the food and drink sector. From Deliveroo to UberEats, it takes seconds to find out what’s on the menu and minutes to order exactly what we want, safe in the knowledge that it won’t be cold by the time it gets to your door. We can instantly read other customer experiences, review everything from the food to the service, and sit back with the certainty that our order is on its way.


Travel – Commuting

Traditional Travel

Whether it’s trains, planes or automobiles, we all have a transport-related horror story. The Wi-Fi is expensive and intermittent, we are forced to stop at every abandoned hamlet in Surrey and we pay through the nose to cling to a pole with our face inches from a stranger’s armpit. With so few alternatives for commuters, traditional transport is all about doing the bare minimum for their customers.

New Travel

There’s now a new form of public transport. OurBus in the US offer point-to-point journeys, customer pick-up and drop offs, and if you can get 90 people to sign up with you for a new route, you get free transport for life! Alongside this, you can enjoy all of this in reclining seats, individual charging ports, Wi-Fi that actually works and clean, sanitised toilets.

Leisure Travel

Travel – Leisure

Traditional Leisure Travel

You’d go in to your local travel agent, you sit down, and you say, “I want to go here, here or here for this amount of money.” And then you have to trust your travel agent to find something that is vaguely in line with your budget or travel plans. And trust that they aren’t going to rip you off, leave you stranded in Norway with a creepy-looking guide who can’t speak your language or drop you off at a building site.

New Leisure Travel

Brands like Airbnb, TripAdvisor, AroundMe and Trivago have radically transformed the way we go on holiday. Now, we can compare prices of hotels, rent out our own homes with ease, and find reliable data on peak times, costs and packages. Now, booking your own trip abroad is idiot proof, irrespective of whether you are fluent in Mandarin or know where the nearest station is to your hotel in Bremen.


Financial Services

Traditional Banking

What’s wrong with the established banking experience? Most traditional banks still open at hours that suit the bank, not the customer. My local branch of Bank of Scotland is open from 09.45am to 4.45pm. That is simply not convenient for people who work. And of you think they might open at weekends, forget it. If you lose your debit card it can take a week to get a new one in the post.

New Banking

Disruptive brands like Monzo empower customers by giving them far more control and insight over their own spending patterns and setting and managing monthly budgets, providing insight into how to save money more effectively. And if you lose your card you can simply tap the app to freeze it (and tap to unfreeze it if you happen to find it under the sofa!)


Automotive Industry

Traditional Automotive Sales

What’s so miserable about going to buy a car from a showroom? They are often not conveniently located, far out of town, and let’s face it, anyone would have difficulty trusting an over-polite salesman with a weak handshake and a fake smile. I always feel like I’m getting a bad deal! With zero focus on customer lifetime value, I never receive follow-up communication unless they’re trying to sell me a new warranty.

New Automotive Sales

Brands like Rockar enable traditional car retailers such as Jaguar and LandRover to disintermediate, cutting out the middleman, going direct to the customer and democratising the experience by opening showrooms in environments where customers actually spend time, such as in shopping centres. Customers are served by ‘angels’ and not salespeople. Pricing is transparent with no ‘hidden extras’ like alloy wheels or metallic paint.



Traditional Healthcare

You’ve dragged yourself out of the house and somehow made it to your local pharmacy, where, barely able to speak, you appear ill enough to convince the pharmacist to give you something stronger than paracetamol. Having possibly spread the disease to another 50 people, you return home with a bottle of ultimately ineffective own-brand cough syrup.

New Healthcare

New prescription services and delivery means you can order direct to your door and avoid the frustration of repeat prescriptions. Boots and Superdrug both offer online medical pharmaceutical support and advice, and allow you to talk through your prescription from behind the privacy and comfort of your own screen.

What we offer

What we offer

We deliver practical and actionable insight and analysis on customer-centric transformation through strategy days, presentations, advisory board services, e-learning and bespoke workshops tailored to your industry. The Customer First Group also provides advisory services to boards on an ongoing basis.

We offer insight and training on a range of transformative issues including:

  • Putting the service back into financial services: How to become truly customer-centric
  • Rapidly moving the sales needle by removing barriers and optimising the customer’s path to purchase
  • A playbook for CPG/FMCG brands to maximise e-commerce revenues through B2B, D2C and B2B2C channels
  • How to turn your store into the centre of your customer experience
  • How to thrive in a world of disruption
  • A sense of purpose and social responsibility for the environment for customers – and for business
  • Commerce without borders: How to tap into the rapidly increasing propensity for consumers to shop globally
  • Organising for success: The new structure that will enable you to become far more commercially successful
  • A playbook for digital success in the rapidly changing car industry
  • Leveraging technology for sustainable long-term success

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